Jason L. Walker

for City Council

District 36

"We are the ones that we have been waiting for." Alice Walker

Now is the time and we have an incredible opportunity before us. Next year’s city election is our moment to radically shift what our City Council will look like and how our government will work with and for our community. Together, we can reverse decades-long divestments from our communities to ensure that every person in District 36 lives with dignity and respect.

Long before Covid-19, our district and city faced great challenges. Life-long residents of Brooklyn left the city due to low wages and skyrocketing housing costs. Tens-of-thousands more have no permanent housing at all and currently live in shelters throughout our city and community. Meanwhile, billions of dollars have been poured into policing and providing subsidies for corporate developers as our public schools, social services and community programs continue to be underfunded, undervalued, and neglected.

That's why I am ready to serve and fight with District 36. I've dedicated my life to fighting for justice, speaking truth to power, and supporting community-powered change. Bed-Stuy, Weeksville, and North Crown Heights deserve a leader who will fight equally for both low-income and working people and undue years of negligent policies that have harmed our community and neighbors. I believe we can solve the longstanding issues of poverty, health care disparity, and homelessness.

I am ready to fight for the District we all deserve.

I am a community member, an organizer, and movement builder

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